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We are back with a revamped site! Now for the first time all of our feature films are available here for rent or purchase! Some of the greatest independent films ever made! Well, greatest independent films out of St. Louis! Well, they're independent films, anyway. (we think that they're pretty great)

Our most recent feature, RED NIGHT AT SKYE'S is deep in post production, edited by super-talented Jeff Wedding of GypsyRoot Productions, and lensed by the one and only Eric Stanze of Wicked Pixel Cinema This is the wildest film yet from the 88mm team!

RED NIGHT AT SKYE'S tells the harrowing tale of Cole Boyd, an out of work Veteran with a dying wife, an elderly father, and two kids to take care of. He gets caught up in a scheme to rob Skye's Pawnshop, a front for a vicious gang of meth making bikers known as The Spiders, their sinister leader Doc, and a basement full of bloodshed, old-school weirdness, and horror!

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